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By William Shakespeare
Directed by Maeli Goren
Yale School of Drama

Shakespeare is every character in this play, but he is Hamlet most of all. Because unlike those who anesthetize, destroy, or delude themselves, or those who accept the inevitability of death and move on without question, Hamlet relentlessly chases after a why, a bit of cosmic justice in the fact that some people die while others are left behind. What are we still here for, and how are we meant to keep living?  

A genderqueered take on the play that explores power, privilege, and rebellion.

Lights by Graham Zellers

Set by Sarah Karl

Costumes by April Hickman

Sound by Emily Duncan-Wilson

Technical Direction by Tatsuya Ito

Stage Managed by Edmond O'Neal and Brandon Lovejoy

Dramaturgy by Rebecca Adelsheim and Callie Fosburgh

Featuring Doireann Mac Mahon, Juliana Aidén Martinez, Maia Mihanovich, Ciara Monique McMillian, Reed Northrup, Eli Pauley, Nefesh Cordero Pino, Madeline Seidman, and Maal Imani West

Photos by Elsa GibsonBraden

Hamlet: Text
Hamlet: Gallery
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